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Table 3 Individual patient estimates of amikacin pharmacokinetic parameters during CVVHDF therapy assuming a two compartment model

From: An open prospective study of amikacin pharmacokinetics in critically ill patients during treatment with continuous venovenous haemodiafiltration

ID k (h-1) V1 (l) TBC (l h-1) T1/2α (h) T1/2β (h) T1/2el (h) Vss (l)
P1B 0.093 25.0 2.32 0.25 8.18 7.45 27.33
P2C 0.131 21.95 2.88 0.035 7.61 5.29 31.5
P3C 0.172 24.31 4.19 0.028 5.29 4.02 31.94
  1. t1/2α: half life of the alpha phase. t1/2β: half life of the beta phase. t1/2el: elimination half life. Vss: volume of distribution at steady state. V1: volume of distribution of the central compartment. TBC: Total body clearance. k: elimination rate constant. CV%: coefficient of variation. PX (1–5) patients 1–5.