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Table 1 Categorization of the analyzed components – examples of patients’ statements in the KILEN consumer reports 1

From: Experiences from consumer reports on psychiatric adverse drug reactions with antidepressant medication: a qualitative study of reports to a consumer association

Meaning unit Condensed meaning unit Main-category Sub-category
“Difficulties concentrating at work, having suicidal thoughts.” Patient experienced suicidal thoughts. Experiences of drug treatment Severe psychiatric adverse reactions
“And when the death wish comes, I become so afraid that I start again.” Patient experienced feelings of wanting to die when trying to end medication.   Discontinuation symptoms
“When I first started taking it I received NO [sic!] warnings of adverse drug reactions.” Patient received no warnings of side effects from the doctor. Lack of communication  
“Decided that after three years of ‘chemical terror’ to discontinue, WITHOUT [sic!] doctor’s approval.” Patients decided to end drug treatment without telling the doctor. Trust and distrust  
  1. 1 Categorization according to Graneheim & Lundman (2004).