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Table 1 Scoring system used for the assessment of cervicovaginal epithelial tissue damage subsequent to N-9 exposure

From: Decreased cervical epithelial sensitivity to nonoxynol-9 (N-9) after four daily applications in a murine model of topical vaginal microbicide safety

Score Description of epithelial damage
0 No epithelial disturbances or sloughing of epithelial cells
1 Light epithelial damage and disruption – localized loss of tissue integrity and epithelial sloughing over less than 5% of the epithelial surface, which is otherwise contiguous and intact
2 Moderate epithelial damage and disruption – Multiple areas of epithelial disturbance representing 5-25% of the total epithelial surface and small regions of sloughing that expose the basal cell layer
3 Severe epithelial damage and disruption – Sloughing over large sections of the epithelial surface (> 25%) that exposes the basal cell layer