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Table 2 The effects of riociguat on midazolam pharmacokinetics (geometric means and coefficients of variation)

From: Pharmacokinetic interaction of ketoconazole, clarithromycin, and midazolam with riociguat

Midazolam/riociguat study
  Midazolam (n=22) Midazolam + riociguat 2.5 mg (n=22)
Parameter GM %CV GM %CV
AUC (µg·h/L) 91.1 34.3 98.2 37.0
Cmax (µg/L) 29.0 45.1 29.5 41.5
t1/2 (h) 4.5 35.9 4.3 34.9
  1. AUC, area under plasma concentration–time curve; Cmax, maximum riociguat plasma concentration; CV, coefficient of variation; GM, geometric mean; t1/2, elimination half-life.