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Table 1 A scale used to determine the adherence level for co-trimoxazole prophylaxis among HIV infected pregnant women

From: Prevalence of malaria and anaemia among HIV infected pregnant women receiving co-trimoxazole prophylaxis in Tanzania: a cross sectional study in Kinondoni Municipality

No. Questions Yes No
i Do you sometimes forget to take your co-trimoxazole tablets? 0 1
ii People sometimes miss taking their medicines for reasons other than forgetting. Thinking over the past 2 weeks, were there any days when you did not take your co-trimoxazole tablets? 0 1
iii Have you ever cut back or stopped taking co-trimoxazole without telling your doctor because you felt worse when you took it? 0 1
iv When you travel or leave home, do you sometimes forget to bring along co-trimoxazole tablets? 0 1
v Did you take your co-trimoxazole tablets yesterday? 1 0
vi Taking medicines every day is a real inconvenient for some people. Do you ever feel hassled about sticking to your treatment plan? 0 1
vii How often do you have difficulty remembering to take co-trimoxazole tablets?
   □ Never/Rarely = 1
   □ Once in a while = 0.75
   □ Sometimes = 0.5
   □ Usually = 0.25
   □ All the time = 0
  1. Note: The total score of >6 was interpreted as Good adherence, 4 to 5.9 as Average Adherence and <4 as Poor Adherence.