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Table 1 ICD-10 codes which may apply to adverse drug events or adverse drug reactions

From: Clinical coding of prospectively identified paediatric adverse drug reactions – a retrospective review of patient records

Code Description
Y40 Systemic antibiotics
Y41 Other systemic anti-infectives/antiparasitics
Y42 Hormones (including synthetic, antagonists)
Y43 Primarily systemic agents
Y44 Agents primarily affecting blood constituents
Y45 Analgesics/antipyretics/anti-inflammatories
Y46 Antiepileptics/antiParkinsonism drugs
Y47 Sedatives, hypnotics, antianxiety drugs
Y48 Anaesthetics, therapeutic gases
Y49 Psychotropic drugs
Y50 CNS stimulants
Y51 Drugs affecting autonomic nervous system
Y52 Agents primarily affecting cardiovascular system
Y53 Agents primarily affecting gastrointestinal system
Y54 Agents affecting water/mineral balance/uric acid
Y55 Agents affecting muscle/respiratory system
Y56 Topical agents affecting skin, ENT, dental
Y57 Other and unspecified medicaments
Y58 Bacterial vaccines
Y59 Other vaccines/biologicals
  1. Y40-Y59 external cause codes (adverse effects in in therapeutic use).