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Table 4 QT and PR prolongation

From: Interventions to decrease the risk of adverse cardiac events for patients receiving chemotherapy and serotonin (5-HT3) receptor antagonists: a systematic review

Author, year Treatment (dose, time of treatment)
Hesketh [18]    
  Dolasetron (1.2 mg/kg, BC) Dolasetron (1.8 mg/kg, BC) Dolasetron (2.4 mg/kg, BC)
QT prolongation* 11 ms 27 ms 39 ms
PR prolongation 1 ms 10 ms 22 ms
Gralla [19]    
  Palonosetron (0.25 mg, BC) Palonosetron (0.75 mg, BC) Ondansetron (32 mg, BC)
QT prolongation* 1 ms 2 ms 5 ms
PR prolongation NS NS NS
Kim [20]    
  Dolasetron (100, BC+ 800 mg, AC) Ondansetron (8 mg, BC + 80 mg, AC)  
QT prolongation NS NS  
PR prolongation NS NS  
  1. AC: after chemotherapy treatment; BC: before the start of chemotherapy treatment; NS: not significant. *mean change from baseline; median change from baseline.