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Table 1 FDO outcomes in the three centres

From: A Swiss real world best practice experience in three different clinical settings of the 6 hour fingolimod first dose observation procedure

  Site 1 Cantonal Hospital, Aarau Site 2 Clinique de Carouge SA Site 3 Neurocentre Bellevue Total
Total number of patients undergoing FDO 58 17 61 136
Patients with no FDO events (n) 57 16 57 130
Patients discharged at 6 hours (n) 57 16 59 132
Patients requiring extended observation after 6 hours (n) 1a 0 0 1
Patients requiring observation on 2nd day (n) 0 1b 2c 3
Symptomatic patients (n) 0 0 2d 2
Patients with ECG Abnormalities (n) 1a 1b 2c 4
1st degree AV Block (n) 0 0 2c 2
2nd degree AV Block Type I (Wenkebach) (n) 1a 1b 0 2
2nd degree AV Block Type II (Mobitz Type II) (n) 0 0 0 0
Symptomatic events that resolved by the end of 6 h observation (n) 0 0 2d 2
ECG events that had resolved at extended observation or follow-up examination on the 2nd day (n) 1a 1b 2c 4
  1. a2nd degree AV block, Wenkebach type: extension of observation by 1 h and repeat of ECG; AV block had resolved.
  2. b2nd degree AV block, Wenkebach type: 24 h Holter ECG as a precautionary measure; AV block had resolved and no further finding observed on Holter ECG.
  3. c1st degree AV blocks: patients were asked to return to the practice the next day for a single ECG; AV block had resolved.
  4. d1 patient with vertigo-like sensation, 1 patient with palpitations (HR in normal range 74 bpm): symptoms had resolved for both patients by the end of the 6 h observation.
  5. AV, atrioventricular; HR, heart rate; bpm, beats per minute.