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Table 1 Pivotal toxicology studies conducted with the GNP drug product

From: A novel nasal powder formulation of glucagon: toxicology studies in animal models

Study type Species/N/Gender Test articles and dosage
28-day sub-chronic toxicology Rat/71M/71F Saline, placebo liquid, GNP ingredients in solution at 0.1 and 0.2 mg/rat/day for 28 days
28-day sub-chronic toxicology Dog/16M/16F Saline, placebo powder, GNP at 2 and 4 mg/dog/day for 28 days
Acute toxicology Rat/16M/16F Air placebo control, GNP at 0.5 mg intra-tracheally
Acute toxicology Rabbit 30-mg drug product administered directly in eye
  1. M male, F female