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Table 4 Achieved powder dose levels of GNP per animal

From: A novel nasal powder formulation of glucagon: toxicology studies in animal models

Group number Group designation Targeted powder dose (mg) Achieved average powder dose (mg) % efficiency
1 Placebo control 40.0 33.0a 82.5
37.1b 92.8
3 Low dose 20.0 18.9a 94.5
19.9b 99.5
4 High dose 40.0 36.8a 92.0
39.6b 99.0
  1. aCalculated using all values from the entire study including discharge weights obtained before implementation of a device wiping procedure to correct the adverse effect of device-related electrostatic charge on the analytical balance
  2. bCalculated using values beginning April 8, 2011 (equivalent to study Day 10, 11, or 12 depending on the dog) after instituting a device wiping procedure to remove electrostatic charge and thus resulting in accurate and expected discharge weights