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Table 4 Relative risk of hearing loss of amikacin and kanamycin use in MDR-TB treatment

From: Comparing amikacin and kanamycin-induced hearing loss in multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment under programmatic conditions in a Namibian retrospective cohort

  Any hearing loss Crude OR (95 % CI) Any hearing loss aaOR (95 % CI) Less severe hearing loss aaOR (95 % CI) More severe hearing loss aaOR (95 % CI)
Kanamycin Reference Reference Reference Reference
Amikacin 2.3 (1.2–4.6) 2.3 (1.0–5.4) 1.6 (0.6–4.5) 4.0 (1.5–10.8)
  1. Legend: aOR adjusted odds ratio, aadjusted for patient age, treatment site and year of treatment initiation; 95%CI =95 % confidence interval. Note that baseline body weight band, sex, human immunodeficiency virus infection status were not adjusted for because they were potential effect-modifiers (see Table 5)