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Table 3 Clinical features of the three patients who developed nephrotoxicity

From: Nephrotoxicity caused by oral antiviral agents in patients with chronic hepatitis B treated in a hospital for tropical diseases in Thailand

Baseline characteristics before treatment
 N 1 2 3
 Age (years) 68 54 66
 Sex M F M
 Weight (kg) 79 54 60
 Hypertension Yes No No
 Diabetes mellitus Yes No No
 Cirrhotic No No No
 Serum creatinine concentration (mg/dl) 1.1 0.8 1.1
 Treatment LAM + ADV ADV ADV
 Treatment duration (months) 71 44 101
Results at the diagnosis of nephrotoxicity
 Serum creatinine concentration (mg/dl) 1.7 1.4 1.6
 Proteinuria No No No
 Glucosuria No No No
 Switch/Add/Continue ADVa ADVb ADVb
  1. N patient number, Cr serum creatinine concentration, LAM lamivudine, ADV adefovir
  2. aChange; bAdjusted dosage interval to 10 mg every 48 hours according to eGFR