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Table 2 The prescription pattern of ceftriaxone for the study participants in medical and emergency wards of Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital, 2014 (n = 314)

From: Evaluation of ceftriaxone utilization in medical and emergency wards of Tikur Anbessa specialized hospital: a prospective cross-sectional study

Characteristics Category No (%)
Indication of ceftriaxone Primary 173(55.1)
Alternative 83(26.4)
Not indicated 58(18.5)
Type of treatment Therapeutic Empiric 274(87.3)
Specific 5(1.6)
Prophylactic 35(11.1)
Reasons for ceftriaxone use Respiratory tract infection 111(35.4)
Prophylactic indications 35(11.1)
Skin, soft tissue and bone infection 34(10.8)
Central nervous system infection 28(8.9)
Sepsis and septic shock 15(4.8)
Cardiovascular infection 11(3.5)
Urinary tract infection 10(3.2)
Gastro-intestinal infection 6(1.9)
No indication 58(18.5)