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Table 6 Responses of the interviewed physicians and microbiologists regarding ceftriaxone use and culture & sensitivity test in medical and emergency wards of Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital, 2014

From: Evaluation of ceftriaxone utilization in medical and emergency wards of Tikur Anbessa specialized hospital: a prospective cross-sectional study

Interview questions Responses Number of respondents
Responses of interviewed Physicians
Why was culture & sensitivity not sent for most of the patients? Service is not available 8
Patients come after initiation of antibiotics 5
Culture results are not reliable 5
It takes long time to get results back 2
Why was ceftriaxone administered on a twice-daily basis for most cases? Just because of tradition of practice 5
There are guidelines which promote it 4
To ensure its effectiveness 2
Why is the utilization rate of ceftriaxone very high in TASH? Good availability 8
Good effectiveness 5
Low rates of toxicity 4
Ease of administration 4
Why is ceftriaxone being co-administered with ringers lactate, warfarin and heparin? Less availability of other drugs 5
No problem up on such administration 4
Absence of checking for interaction 2
Why is ceftriaxone used in neutropenic fever,periodontal abscess, etc? Cost of other more appropriate drugs 4
Unavailability of other appropriate drugs 4
Why was ceftriaxone used for prolonged duration as in surgical prophylaxis? Unavailability of equivalent PO medicines 3
Lack of guidelines 2
It should not have been used this way 1
Responses of the interviewed microbiologists
What can you say about the quality of microbiology laboratory? Poor quality due to the use of expired reagents or antibiotic discs 4
Currently, its quality is improved 2
Why is most culture & sensitivity tests end up with negative result? Sample collection after initiation of antibiotics 4
Use of expired reagents or antibiotic discs 3
Inappropriate sample collection 2
Failure to request appropriate laboratory test 1
Improper use of transporting medium 1
Who will take the bacteriology test result after it is done? Physicians 5
Patients 3
Attendants 1
On average, how long does it take for C&S result to come back (in day)? Mostly 3 days 5
Some cultures (eg. blood culture requires 7-14 days) 3