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Table 2 Top 5 subgroups (n = 3668) in prescriptions dispensed at SPC Anuradhapura 2015

From: Drug utilization, prescription errors and potential drug-drug interactions: an experience in rural Sri Lanka

ATC 4th level Percent ATC 3rd level Percent ATC 2nd level Percent
Chemical subgroup   Pharmacological subgroup   Therapeutic subgroup  
Proton pump inhibitor 7.0 Anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic products, non-steroids 8.8 Anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic products 8.8
HMG CoA reductase inhibitors 5.0 Blood glucose lowering drugs, excluding Insulins 8.3 Drugs used in diabetes 8.4
Angiotensin II antagonists, plain 4.9 Drugs for peptic ulcer and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) 7.6 Drugs for acid related disorders 7.9
Platelet aggregation inhibitors excluding heparin 4.3 Lipid modifying agents, plain 5.8 Anti-bacterials for systemic use 7.3
Sulfonylureas 3.6 Angiotensin II antagonists, plain 4.9 Lipid modifying agents 5.8