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Table 1 Evidence of cardiotoxicity in paracetamol overdose

From: A study on paracetamol cardiotoxicity

Evidence of cardiotoxicity in Paracetamol overdose References
Toxic myocarditis Reference 9,14,15,29,43
Acute myocardial necrosis Reference 9,11,15,16,43
Subendocardial necrosis Reference 9,14,15
Subendocardial haemorrhage Reference 8
Patchy myocardial necrosis in left ventricular wall Reference 15,32
Transient interventricular septal thickenning Reference 15
Dysrhythmias Reference 9,14,15,29
ST/T wave inversions Reference 9,15,17,29,42
Flatten T waves Reference 14,17,43
ST elevation Reference 9,15,29,43
Sinus tachycardia Reference 9,15
Ventricular tachycardia Reference 9,15
Multifocal ventricular ectopics Reference 19
Cardiac asystole Reference 15
Dilated left ventricle Reference 9,15,43
Elevated Troponin Reference 15,29
Acute severe left ventricular failure Reference 29,32
Congestive heart failure Reference 32
Cardiomyopathy Reference 15,26