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Table 4 Effects of Manganese (Mn) exposure on AChE activity in different experimental protocols

From: “Manganese-induced neurotoxicity: a review of its behavioral consequences and neuroprotective strategies”

Model Tissue Administration route and dose Effect on AChE activity Reference
Adult rats Whole Brain Intraperitoneal-acute (10–15 mg/kg) and chronic (mg/kg) Increase [100]
Adult rats Cerebellum Oral via by drinking water, 30 days (20 mg/ml) Increase [189]
Rats from 21–74 days Brain Oral via by food, for 53 days, chronic exposure (500 mg/kg) Increase [94]
Adult mice Hypothalamus, pons, cerebellum, striatum, medulla, cerebral cortex and hippocampus. Chronic treatment by oral via from conception to 60 days old No alterations [98]
0-adult rats Cerebellum and striatum Oral via by drinking water, 60 days (20 mg/ml) Increase [97]
Adult rats Brain Intraperitoneal, 7 days (50 mg/kg) Increase [99]
Adult rats Whole Brain Intraperitoneal-(25 mg/kg) in 4 and 8 doses Decrease [84]