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Table 1 Postoperative surgical site infection and implant-related infection incidence in the control, vancomycin, and vancomycin microspheres groups

From: Vancomycin microspheres reduce postoperative spine infection in an in vivo rabbit model

Treatment (n = 13) Total Sites Surgical site infection Implant infection Non-infection
Control 13 10(76.9%)a 8(61.5%)a 3(23.1%)a
Vancomycin 13 4(30.8%)ab 2(15.4%)ab 9(69.2%)ab
Vancomycin microspheres 13 2(15.4%)b 0(0.0%)b 11(84.6%)b
P value   0.004 <0.001 0.004
  1. abMeans with different letters within a column differ significantly (P < 0.05)