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Table 1 Inclusion criteria at randomization

From: The efficacy and safety of co-administration of fimasartan and rosuvastatin to patients with hypertension and dyslipidemia

Risk category Cardiovascular risk factorsa Randomization criteria
LDL-cholesterol (mg/dL) Averaged sitting SBP (mmHg)
Low risk 0 risk factors ≥160 and ≤ 250 ≥140 and < 180
Moderate risk 1+ risk factors and 10 year risk < 10% ≥160 and ≤ 250
Moderate high risk 1+ risk factors and 10-year risk from 10% to 20% ≥130 and ≤ 250
High risk CHDb and CHD risk equivalentc ≥100 and ≤ 250
  1. aRisk factors: include cigarette smoking, hypertension (BP ≥ 140/90 mm Hg or on antihypertensive medication), low HDL cholesterol (<40 mg/dL), family history of premature CHD (CHD in male first-degree relative < 55 years of age; CHD in female first-degree relative < 65 years of age), and age (men ≥ 45 years; women ≥ 55 years)
  2. bCHD (coronary heart disease) includes history of myocardial infarction, unstable angina, stable angina, coronary artery procedures (angioplasty or bypass surgery), or evidence of clinically significant myocardial ischemia
  3. cCHD (coronary heart disease) risk equivalents include clinical manifestations of noncoronary forms of atherosclerotic disease (peripheral arterial disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and carotid artery disease [transient ischemic attacks or stroke of carotid origin or > 50% obstruction of a carotid artery]), diabetes, and 2+ risk factors with 10-year risk for hard CHD > 20%