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Table 3 Pharmacokinetic parameters of cryptolepine in rats following oral administration at a dose of 5 mg/kg

From: Identification of cryptolepine metabolites in rat and human hepatocytes and metabolism and pharmacokinetics of cryptolepine in Sprague Dawley rats

Animal ID Plasma AUC0–7 (nM.h) Cmax (nM) Tmax (h) F % Urine Ae0-24h (% dose)
3 83 28 0.3 16 0.15
4 146 104 0.5 28 0.12
  1. AUC0–7h, the area under the concentration-time curve up to the last measurable time point in plasma; Cmax, maximum plasma concentration; Tmax, time to reach Cmax; F, oral bioavailability; Ae0-24h, amount excreted within 24 h following administration