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Table 1 Calorie, nutrients content ratio and food content in standard meal and high fat meal which were given to participants of study before administration of the drug

From: A mechanism-based pharmacokinetic model of fenofibrate for explaining increased drug absorption after food consumption

Food type group Fasting condition Standard meal High fat meal
Calories 0 kcal 686.3 kcal 1280 kcal
Nutrients content ratio Carbohydrate (56.3%) Carbohydrate (45.5%)
Protein (23.9%) Protein (19%)
Fat (19.9%) Fat (35.5%)
Food contents Steamed rice (90 g) Steamed rice (90 g)
Soup (shrimp dried (20 g), sea mustard dried (5 g)) Soup (sea mustard dried (6 g), beef brisket (30 g))
Grilled yellow croaker (70 g) Fried yellow croaker (70 g) with Soybean oil (5 g)
Steamed whole egg (50 g) with sesame oil (1 g) Egg roll (whole egg (50 g) with soybean oil (3 g))
Korean radish egg (70 g) Boiled spinach (70 g) with sesame oil (1 g) and soybean oil (1 g)
Kimchi (60 g) Kimchi (60 g)
Apple (100 g) Cracker with peanuts (32 g)