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Table 2 Synergistic activity of FC04–100 with the combination cefalexin:kanamycin

From: Tomatidine and analog FC04–100 possess bactericidal activities against Listeria, Bacillus and Staphylococcus spp

  MIC (μg/mL)  
Species and strains CEF KAN CEF:KANa CEF:KAN (+FC)b Foldc
S. aureus MRSA USA100 ATCC BAA-41 256 256 128:86 4:3 32
S. aureus MRSA USA300 ATCC BAA-1556 256 > 1024 256:171 8:6 32
S. aureus MRSA COL 256 4 4:3 0.5:0.35 8
  1. Abbreviations: CEF cefalexin, KAN kanamycin, FC FC04–100
  2. aCEF:KAN was used at a proportion of 3:2
  3. bFC04–100 was used at a sub-MIC of 4 μg/mL
  4. cThe fold increase in susceptibility is the ratio of the MIC of CEF:KAN alone vs CEF:KAN in the presence of FC04–100