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Table 2 Analysis of WHO Core Pharmacovigilance Structural Indicators of the six tertiary hospitals in the South-South zone of Nigeria

From: Assessment of the state of pharmacovigilance in the South-South zone of Nigeria using WHO pharmacovigilance indicators

Indicator Item Assessment UCTH UUTH UPTH NDUTH DELSUTH UBTH Hospitals with positive answers (n)
CST1 Presence of pharmacovigilance centre/department /unit with a standard accommodation. Yes No No No Yes Yes 3
CST2 Availability of a copy of the Nigerian pharmacovigilance policy Yes No No Yes Yes Yes 4
CST3 Presence of Institutional Drug Therapeutic Committee Yes No No Yes Yes Yes 4
CST4 Availability of regular financial provision for the pharmacovigilance Centre. No No No No No Yes 1
CST5 Availability of human resources to carry out functions of Pharmacovigilance Centre. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 6
CST6 Availability of standard ADR reporting form in the institution. Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes 5
CP6a-e: Availability of relevant fields in standard ADR reporting form for a) medication error, b) counterfeit/substandard medicines, c) therapeutic ineffectiveness, d) suspected misuse, abuse, dependence on medicines, e) general public.a No No No No No No 0
CST7 A process is in place for collection, recording and analysis of ADR reports Yes No No No Yes Yes 3
CST8 Incorporation of pharmacovigilance into the orientation programme curriculum of newly employed health care professionals No No No No No Yes 1
CST8a: for Medical doctors No No No No No Yes 1
CST8b: for Dentists No No No No No Yes 1
CST8c: for Pharmacists Yes No No Yes No Yes 2
CST8d: for Nurses/Midwives; No No No No No No 0
CST9 Existence of a newsletter/information bulletin/website as a tool for Pharmacovigilance information dissemination No No No No No Yes 1
CST10 Existence of pharmacovigilance advisory committee or an expert committee in the setting capable of providing advice on medicine safety. Yes No No Yes Yes Yes 4
  1. aThe items in CST6a-e were all considered separately and the answer was found to be No for each item. UBTH University of Benin Teaching Hospital Benin-City, Edo State; UCTH University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Calabar Cross-River State; UPTH University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, Port Harcourt, Rivers State; UUTH University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, Uyo, Akwa- Ibom State; DELSUTH Delta State University Teaching Hospital Oghara, Delta State; NDUTH Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital Okolobri, Bayelsa State; ADR Adverse Drug Reaction; WHO World Health Organization