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Table 2 Study design, patient flow and samples taken during the study

From: Inflammation down-regulates CYP3A4-catalysed drug metabolism in hemodialysis patients

Week 1
n = 54a
Week 2
n = 50b
Week 3
n = 49c
Week 4
n = 47d
Week 5 (n:44)e
Day 1 Day 2
 hsCRP, PTX3, orosumucoid
 hsCRP, PTX3, orosomucoid  hsCRP, PTX3, orosomucoid  hdCRP, PTX3, orosomucoid  Administration of 100 mg quinine  hdCRP, PTX3, IL-6 and orosomucoid
 Hb, P-Iron, P-albumin, NT-pro-BNB and PTH
 4β-OH-Cholesterol and P-Cholesterol
 Concentrarion of quinine and 3-OH-quinine
  1. aAt screening, bFour patients decided to withdraw their consent and did not continue with the study, cOne patient underwent kidney transplantation, dTwo patients died before completing the study, eThree patients were excluded; one due to an infectious episode and two because of undetectable levels of quinine and 3-OH-quinine in plasma