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Table 2 Classification and preventability assessment of the ADRs

From: Survivability of hospitalized chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients with moderate to severe estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) after experiencing adverse drug reactions (ADRs) in a public healthcare center: a retrospective 3 year study

Assessments of ADRs No.* (%)
Classification of ADR based on;
aType A 89 86.4
aType B 14 13.6
bDefinitely preventable 1 1
bPossibly preventable 91 88.3
bNon-preventable 11 10.7
  1. Abbreviations: ADR, adverse drug reaction
  2. *The total number of definite or probable ADRs, n = 103
  3. a Type A and Type B ADR are classified based on Rawlin and Thompson (1991)
  4. b Definitely preventable, Possibly preventable and Non-preventable are classified based on Hallas et al. [27]