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Table 6 Tests of parallelism between the probit-log(dose) regression lines calculated using the ML procedure (Excel), Polo-Plus and SPSS

From: Comparing lethal dose ratios using probit regression with arbitrary slopes

Comparison Excel Polo-Plus SPSS2a
z Parallelism χ 2 ( d.f. = 1) Parallelism χ 2 ( d.f. = 1) Parallelism
Rotenone vs Deguelin 2.844 Rejected 8.41 Rejected 10.216 Rejected
Rotenone vs Mixture 3.049 Rejected 9.68 Rejected 9.284 Rejected
Fairfax vs Scheafer 0.475 Accepted 0.23 Accepted 0.000 Accepted
Fairfax vs Pixley 0.720 Accepted 0.36 Accepted 0.598 Accepted
BugRes vs BugLab 3.821 Rejected 22.10 Rejected 24.840 Rejected
  1. aWe did not compare parallelism among the regression lines calculated by SPSS by inputting C methods because of different C values in the two samples