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Table 4 CL and Vss prediction of imatinib in prairie dogs

From: Preclinical pharmacokinetic evaluation to facilitate repurposing of tyrosine kinase inhibitors nilotinib and imatinib as antiviral agents

S. No. Method Value Fold error
CL (L/hr./kg)
 1 SA (CL vs. BW) 1.41 1.78
 2 SA (CL/fup vs. BW) 0.85 1.07
 3 ROE (CL × MLP vs. BW) 1.78 2.24
Vss (L/kg)
 1 SA (Vss vs. BW) 7.18 4.43
 2 SA (Vss/fup vs. BW) 3.65 2.25
  1. SA simple allometry, ROE rule of exponents, SSS single species scaling