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Table 2 The Gene Ontology (GO)-Biological Process (BP) and KEGG pathway analyses of genes of the three modules from the protein-protein interaction network

From: Identification of novel candidate indicators for assessing zinc status during pregnancy in mice from microarray data

Module Category Term Count P Value Genes
Module 1 GO_BP GO:0007608~sensory perception of smell 14 2.41E-16 OLFR872/OLFR323/OLFR734/OLFR308/OLFR646/OLFR555/OLFR316/OLFR384/OLFR804/OLFR171/OLFR365/OLFR1392/OLFR790/OLFR1090
GO_BP GO:0007186~G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathway 14 4.50E-14 OLFR872/OLFR323/OLFR734/OLFR308/OLFR646/OLFR555/OLFR316/OLFR384/OLFR804/OLFR171/OLFR365/OLFR1392/OLFR790/OLFR1090
GO_BP GO:0050907~detection of chemical stimulus involved in sensory perception 3 9.28E-03 OLFR734/OLFR384/OLFR365
KEGG_PATHWAY mmu04740:Olfactory transduction 12 3.84E-10 OLFR872/OLFR323/OLFR734/OLFR308/OLFR646/OLFR555/OLFR384/OLFR171/OLFR365/OLFR1392/OLFR790/OLFR1090
Module 2 GO_BP GO:0007165~signal transduction 5 6.82E-04 P2RY13/CCR3/S1PR4/ANXA1/CXCR2
GO_BP GO:0007186~G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathway 5 2.19E-03 P2RY13/CCR3/NPW/S1PR4/CXCR2
GO_BP GO:0006954~inflammatory response 3 7.11E-03 CCR3/ANXA1/GAL
GO_BP GO:0007631~feeding behavior 2 1.31E-02 NPW/GAL
GO_BP GO:0006935~chemotaxis 2 4.48E-02 CCR3/CXCR2
GO_BP GO:0045766~positive regulation of angiogenesis 2 4.59E-02 CCR3/CXCR2
Module 3 GO_BP GO:0006412~translation 3 2.86E-03 RPL35A/RPL18A/RPL28
GO_BP GO:0006364~rRNA processing 2 2.76E-02 RPL35A/EXOSC3
KEGG_PATHWAY mmu03010:Ribosome 3 2.05E-03 RPL35A/RPL18A/RPL28