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Table 5 Clinical management practices of nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity symptoms of injectables in patients on MDR-TB treatment follow-up at St.Peter’s Specialized Hospital and ALERT center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

From: Nephrotoxicity and ototoxic symptoms of injectable second-line anti-tubercular drugs among patients treated for MDR-TB in Ethiopia: a retrospective cohort study

Management practice & injectables involved in toxicity Nephrotoxicity cases (N = 62) Ototoxicity symptoms (N = 42)
Decreased frequency of capreomycin dose to 2x/week, or 3x/week 6 1
Withhold and discontinue capreomycin treatment 28 2
Discontinue, and then taper capreomycin treatment 1 1
Discontinue kanamycin treatment   1
Tapering capreomycin dose from 1000 to 750 mg /day +3x/week 2 1
Stop injection for 15 days 1  
Close follow-up 1