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Table 2 Phototoxicity of isolated residual AF and its association with UV-filters (BP-3, OMC, OCT, MBC)

From: Evaluation of the acute toxicity, phototoxicity and embryotoxicity of a residual aqueous fraction from extract of the Antarctic moss Sanionia uncinata

AF + BP-30.736−0.020
AF + MBC1.377−0.046
AF + OMC1.8430.087
AF + OCT0.142−0.321
SLS (negative control)0.856−0.030
Tetracycline (positive control)40.481a0.539a
  1. AF aqueous fraction, BP-3 benzophenone-3, OMC octyl-methoxycinnamate, OCT octocrylene, MBC and 3-(4-methylbenzylidene)-camphor, SLS sodium lauryl sulfate, PIF Photo-Irritation-Factor, MPE Mean Photo Effect, BP-3 (PIF: 1.798, MPE: 0.152); OMC (PIF: 1.741, MPE: 0.105); OCT (PIF: 0.618, MPE: -0.034); MBC (PIF: 0.112, MPE: -0.133)
  2. aclassified as phototoxic