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Table 1 Chemical names and CAS names, synonyms, solubility and molecular formulae of selected nickel compounds

From: Nuclear factor erythroid 2 – related factor 2 and its relationship with cellular response in nickel exposure: a systems biology analysis

Chemical nameCAS Reg. NoaSynonymsFormulaWSTCb (mg/L)
Nickel subsulfide12035–72-2Nickel sesquisulfide; tri-nickel disulfide; nickel subsulfide (Ni3S2); nickel sulfide (Ni3S2)Ni3S2517 (37 °C) (Water-insoluble)
Nickel chloride7718-54-9Nickel (II) chloride; nickel (2+) chloride; nickel chloride (NiCl2); nickel dichloride; nickel dichloride (NiCl2); nickelous cholrideNiCl22,5E6 (20 °C) (Water-soluble)
Nickel sulfate7786-81-4Nickel monosulfate; nickelous sulfate; nickel sulfate (1:1); nickel (II) sulfate; nickel (2+) sulfate; nickel (2+) sulfate (1:1); nickel sulfate (NiSO4); sulfuric acid, nickel (2+) salt (1:1)NiSO42,9E5 (20 °C) (Water-soluble)
Nickel carbonyl13463–39-3Nickel carbonyl (Ni(CO)4); nickel tetracarbonyl; tetracarbonylnickel; tetracarbonylnickel (0)Ni (CO)420 (20 °C) (Water-insoluble)
  1. a [21]
  2. b Water Solubility Temperature Corrected