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Table 1 General information of current and other cases in literature which had Timolol induced heart block

From: Complete atrioventricular block due to timolol eye drops: a case report and literature review

Patient AgePatient GenderTimolol Therapy Duration (year)Heart BlockPermanent PacemakerFollow-upReference #
62M133rd-degree AV blockNO1 yearCurrent report
78F4.333rd-degree AV blockNON/A[15]
85M1.253rd-degree AV blockYESN/A[15]
56F3.673rd-degree AV blockYESN/A[15]
76M2.253rd-degree AV blockYESN/A[15]
80F1.003rd-degree AV blockYESN/A[11]
70F30 min prior to heart block onsetAV BLOCK and sick sinus syndromeYESN/A[4]
84M0.10Mobitz I block and sinus dysfunctionNO2 months[16]
63FA long timeA sinoatrial blockNON/A[17]
88FA long time3rd-degree AV blockNO6 months[18]