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Table 2 Bone mineral density test results (T score < − 2.5, normal > 1.0) in 2016

From: Osteomalacia and renal failure due to Fanconi syndrome caused by long-term low-dose Adefovir Dipivoxil: a case report

PositionBone mineral density (g/cm2)T-score of young peopleZ-score for normal population of the same age
Lumbar spine 20.698−3.3−2.5
Lumbar spine 30.886−1.9− 1.2
Lumbar spine 40.847−2.0−1.6
Lumbar spine2-Lumbar spine40.817−2.4−1.7
Triangle of Ward0.538−2.3−1.0
Greater trochanter0.632−1.6−1.1
Femoral shaft0.808//