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Table 4 Relevant clinical manifestations and diagnostic basis of bone tumor, myeloma and adverse drug reactions for this patient

From: Osteomalacia and renal failure due to Fanconi syndrome caused by long-term low-dose Adefovir Dipivoxil: a case report

Diagnostic CriteriaBone tumorMyelomaAdverse Drug ReactionsPatient’s condition
Pain, swelling or mass++++
Systemic symptoms
 (anemia, progressive emaciation, insomnia, irritability, ect++++
 renal failure+++
Pathological fracture++++
Bone mineral density examination+++
Protein electrophoresis monoclonal antibody++
 Skeletal abnormalities in different parts of the body++±
 Mainly abnormal lumbar spine++±
Pathological section
  1. Note: + means yes, − means no, ± means hard to be sure or negative,? Means that the situation is unknown