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Table 4 Predicted pharmacokinetic parameters of lisinopril after different single oral dose administration to pediatric population

From: Prediction of lisinopril pediatric dose from the reference adult dose by employing a physiologically based pharmacokinetic model

  1. * [42], NC** Not Calculated
  2. The pharmacokinetic parameters were predicted at different doses to obtain values in pediatrics, similar to the reference adult values predicted at 20 mg, such as Cmax 86 ± 48 (range 38–124) ng/ml, Tmax 6.2 ± 1.1 (range 5.1–7.3) h and AUC0–120 1231 ± 620 (range 611–1851) ng.h/ml. The yellow color indicates falling of lower range of predicted Cmax and AUC0–120 within the range of reference values, Blue color shows falling of lower and mean value of predicted AUC0–120 in reference range, while green color demonstrates dose at which maximum value of Cmax and AUC0–120 falls in reference range