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Table 3 Listing of all reported unexpected events after 3 or 6 months of cumulative weekly or monthly oral treatment with 800 IU cholecalciferol/day (translated from Swiss German)

From: Oral intermittent vitamin D substitution: influence of pharmaceutical form and dosage frequency on medication adherence: a randomized clinical trial

Preparation Unexpected event
oily drops fatigue, but also occurred before
alcoholic drops possible fatigue, unclear whether there is a connection
oily drops uncharacteristic abdominal pain
oily drops shingles: under Vit D considerably less frequent
oily drops less tired than usual
alcoholic drops generally feels better under vitamin D, is better off in the morning
oily drops foot swelling left 1 week ago - now better
oily drops nervous, palpitations
alcoholic drops weight loss 7 kg in 2 months (patient report not validated)
alcoholic drops feeling, I let more water than usual (suspected diuretic effect)
alcoholic drops heat feeling, feverish, sleep problems
alcoholic drops had once cramp in the leg
oily drops less pain in the hand
alcoholic drops localized itching
alcoholic drops a little gas (flatulence)
oily drops possibly more diarrhea (developed over time)
oily drops at the first 3 doses some nausea after ingestion, spontaneously gone
capsules approx. 10 days after the 1st ingestion night sweat outbreak (one-time)
oily drops unique feeling of palpitations