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Table 1 Types of medication errors associated with the use of beta-lactam antibiotics

From: Detecting medication errors associated with the use of beta-lactams in the Russian Pharmacovigilance database

Type of medication error Number of cases(n) %
Administration of an antibiotic in the absence of indications/wrong indication 395 32.5%
Incorrect dosage and regimen 360 29.7%
Administration of a contraindicated drug 210 17.3%
Late discontinuation of a drug in a patient developing an ADR 80 6.6%
Irrational switch of an antibiotic 59 4.9%
Late or irrational switch of antibiotic in the event of treatment failure 31 2.6%
Incorrect preparation of an antibiotic solution 27 2.2%
Incorrect assessment of treatment efficacy 13 1.1%
Administration of a treatment regimen unsuitable for the disease/ Improper treatment strategy 11 0.9%
Irrational combination of drugs 10 0.8%
Administration of a drug through a route not specified in the SmPC 8 0.7%
Accidental, unintended drug use 5 0.4%
Violation of the storage conditions for an antibiotic 4 0.3%
Incorrect choice of dosage form for an antibiotic 1 0.1%
Total 1214 100%
  1. ADR adverse drug reaction, SmPC summary of product characteristics