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Fig. 1

From: Cyclosporine-a attenuates retinal inflammation by inhibiting HMGB-1 formation in rats with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Fig. 1

Photomicrographs of rat retinas with H-E staining: (a) Normal

group: retinal cells displayed normal shapes and orderly arrangements in every layer.

of the retinal tissues; (b) Normal +Cs-A group: no obvious abnormalities were.

observed compared to the normal group; (c) DM group: there were edema and.

thickening of ganglion cell layer, inner plexiform layer and outer nuclear layer, besides disordered alignments of inner nuclear layer; (d) DM + Cs-A group: there were approximately regular arrangements of retinal cells and slightly thickened retina tissues. Original magnification was 400X.

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