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Table 1 Chemical compounds used during this study

From: Are antibiotics substandard in Lebanon? Quantification of active pharmaceutical ingredients between brand and generics of selected antibiotics

Chemical CompoundsStructureaFormulaCAS numberPuritySupplier
Ciprofloxacin hydrochloride (reference standard)C17H19ClFN3O385,721–33-1Pharmaceutical secondary standard; certified reference materialSigma-Aldrich
MethanolCH4O67–56-1≥99.9% (Chromasolv, for HPLC)Honeywell (Riedel-de Haën)
AcetonitrileC2H3N75–05-8≥99.9% (Chromasolv gradient, for HPLC, gradient grade)Honeywell (Riedel-de Haën)
Phosphoric acidH3O4P7664-38-298% (ACS reagent, reagent ISO)Sigma-Aldrich
Amoxicillin trihydrateC16H19N3O5S .3 H2O61,336–70-7Pharmaceutical Secondary Standard; Certified Reference MaterialSigma-Aldrich
Potassim clavulanateC8H8NO5K61,177–45-5VETRANAL™
Analytical standard
  1. aSource for structures: American Chemical Society. Source for Ciprofloxacin structure: US FDA
  2. Name and address of the companies that provided the compounds:
  3. 1) Name: Ibra HadadAddress: Jdeideh – Nahr El Mott, UniLeb Building, 2nd Floor.ibra@ibrahadad.comCompounds provided: ciprofloxacin hydrochloride (reference standard), acetonitrile, methanol, phosphoric acid, amoxicillin trihydrate, potassium clavulanate. Compounds purchased from: the United States of America
  4. 2) Name: BioDiagnosticAddress: El Bouchrieh Industrial City, Saint Jean Center, 2nd Floor.www.biodiagnostic-lb.comCompound provided: triethylamine.Compound purchased from: Spain