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Table 3 The optimum levels and values, and desirability levels and values for the studied factors and responses

From: Development of rosuvastatin flexible lipid-based nanoparticles: promising nanocarriers for improving intestinal cells cytotoxicity

FactorsLowHighOptimum level for each responseOptimum desirability level
Y1 = 99.12 nmY2 = 95.99%Y3 = 28.85 mV
X1 (MR)
X2 (%)
X3 (%)
ResponsesGoalOptimum desirability
Predicted valuesObserved valuesResidual
Y1 (nm)Minimize331.09342.3311.24
Y2 (%)Maximize92.3194.011.7
Y3 (mV)Maximize19.3921.221.83
  1. Abbreviations: X1 Drug to phospholipid, X2 Surfactant concentration, X3 Coating solution concentration, Y1 Particle size, Y2 Entrapment efficiency, Y3 Zeta potential, MR Molar ratio