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Table 1 Types of searched articles, years of search and numbers of the articles sampled

From: Application of modified Michaelis – Menten equations for determination of enzyme inducing and inhibiting drugs

Article Type Year of Publication Number of Publication Search Terms Remarks
Thesis 2008 1 Kinetic modelling Integration of kinetic equations
Chapter 2015 and 2019 2 Kinetics and dynamics of antimicrobials Metronidazole, Isoniazid, Tylosin, Mibefradil
Conference Proceeding 2009 1 Drugs that obey Michaelis - Menten principle Voriconazole
Journals 1963–2020 112 Drugs that obey mixed, first and zero order kinetics; metabolism; elimination; enzyme substrate; inhibitor; inducer; metabolite; in vitro; in vivo Kinetic parameters of eleven enzymes; (4) inhibiting and (7) inducing drugs were obtained.
Book 1975–2015 5 Enzymatic kinetics Types of orders of kinetics obtained