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Table 2 Statistics of in vivo kinetic equations

From: Application of modified Michaelis – Menten equations for determination of enzyme inducing and inhibiting drugs

Equation Types Number of Equations Modified Equations Applications Remarks
Michaelis – Menten 1 3 Determination of enzyme saturation Not perfect
Non – linear kinetic 17 17 Determination of rate – limiting and non – rate limiting enzymes in mixed order kinetics Derived from Michaelis – Menten equation
Cellular metabolic rate 5 3 Determines minimum and maximum level of metabolism in cells Obeys Eadie-Hofstee plot
Kinetics beyond Michaelis – Menten 11 6 Determination of drugs metabolized by allosteric enzymes Benzodiazepines as the examples
Non – linear mixed kinetic 15 10 Determination of in vivo kinetics Simple method of determining drug disposition
Narrow therapeutic window 2 0 Determination of safe doses It is good for renal impaired patient
Combined Michaelis – Menten 3 0 Identification of liver enzyme inducers/inhibitors In vitro/In vivo integrated for balanced kinetics/dynamics