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Table 1 The composition of macronutrients and caloric content of the high-fat emulsion

From: Saroglitazar improved hepatic steatosis and fibrosis by modulating inflammatory cytokines and adiponectin in an animal model of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis

Components of high fat emulsion Amount
Corn oil (g) 400
Saccharose (g) 150
Total milk powder (g) 80
Cholesterol (g) 100
Sodium deoxycholate (g) 10
Tween 80 (g) 36.4
Propylene glycol (g) 31.1
Vitamin mixture (g) 2.5
Cooking salt (g) 10
Mineral mixture (g) 1.5
Distilled water (ml) 300
Total energy (kcal/l) 4342