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Table 2 Parameters used to describe cases in the dataset

From: Open-access database of literature derived drug-related Torsade de Pointes cases

Parameter Group Parameter Name
Case ID unique case identified
Source author, year, PMID
Patient/population characteristic age, sex, diseases
Patient’s general health parameters blood pressure, heart rate, breaths (respiratory rate), temperature
Drugs and alcohol intake main suspected drug (name, dose, route of administration, additional dosing information, therapeutic range), concomitant drugs (name, dose, route of administration, additional dosing information), overdose (y/n), alcohol
Lab measurements blood pH, creatinine kinase, blood urea nitrogen, the plasma concentration of: main suspected drug, sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chloride, bicarbonate, lactic acid
ECG parameters QRS, QT, QTc interval duration
Clinical management and outcome Applied clinical TdP management, post-intervention QRS, QT/QTc, outcome
Comments Additional comments
Drug’s properties SMILES, molecular weight, total polar surface area, logP, H-bond acceptors, H-bond donors, number of rotatable bonds, number of heavy atoms
FDA reports related to the suspected drug Total number of reports, number of cardiac cases, number of TdP cases, deaths due to TdP