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Table 1 Fatal consumer cases reported for nervous systems medications in Europe, 2007 to 2011

From: Adverse drug reactions reported by consumers for nervous system medications in Europe 2007 to 2011

Case no. Medicine (s) ATC group Adverse drug reaction (s) Sex (M/F) Age
1 Diamorphine N02AA09 Sudden death F 18+
2 Metamizole N02BB02 Agranulocytosis F 18+
Multi-organ failure
Sepsis/septic shock
3 Morphine N02AA01 Cerebrovascular accident F 18+
4 Oxycodone N02AA05 Intentional overdose/suicidal ideation M 18+
5 Apomorphine N04BC07 Pneumonia M NA
6 Apomorphine N04BC07 Intestinal haemorrhage M NA
Pneumonia aspiration
7 Apomorphine N04BC07 Anaemia F 18+
Haematocrit decreased
Red blood cell sedimentation rate increased
8 Apomorphine N04BC07 Death F NA
9 Apomorphine N04BC07 Death F 18+
10 Apomorphine N04BC07 Death F NA
11 Apomorphine N04BC07 Death F 18+
12 Carbidopa/levodopa N04BA02 Death M 18+
Entacapone, Rotigotine
13 Clomethiazole N05CM02 Leucocytosis F NA
Musculoskeletal stiffness
Neuroleptic malignant syndrome
14 Clozapine N05AH02 Cardiac failure F 18+
15 Citalopram N06AB04 Fatigue/malaise F NA
16 Duloxetine N06AX21 Deafness F 18+
Urinary tract infection
Septic shock
Neoplasm malignant
Urinary incontinence
Renal failure
17 Trimipramine N06AA06 Asthenia M 18+
Depressed level of consciousness/sedation
Completed suicide
18 Amitriptyline N06AA09 Toxicity to various agents M NA
19 Rivastigmine N06DA03 Lung infection F 18+
Mood altered/aggression
  1. M: male, F: female, NA:no information available.