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Table 1 Protein – alpha-helical peptide complexes

From: Computational analysis of protein-protein interfaces involving an alpha helix: insights for terphenyl–like molecules binding

Protein complex PDB code Resolution SwissProt code Interacting residues of the bound alpha-helix
Chicken calmodulin in complex with smooth muscle myosin light chain kinase (smMLCK) 2O5G* P62149 TRP5, THR8, VAL12
1.08 Å
Human calmodulin in complex with a mutant peptide of human DRP-1 kinase 1ZUZ P62158 TRP305, PHE309, VAL312
1.91 Å
Human calmodulin in complex with CAV1.1 IQ peptide 2VAY* P62158 THR526, ILE529, PHE533
1.94 Å
Human calmodulin in complex with CAV2.2 IQ peptide 3DVE P62158 MET854, VAL857, MET161
2.35 Å
E Coli calmodulin in complex with RS20 peptide of smMLCK 1QTX - TRP5, THR8, VAL12
1.65 Å
Rat calmodulin in complex with NMDA receptor NR1C1peptide 2HQW P62161 PHE880, THR884, LEU887
1.90 Å
Human centrin 2 in complex with the centrin binding region of XPC protein 2GGM P41208 TRP848, LEU851, LEU855
2.35 Å
C-terminal domain of human centrin 2 in complex with a repeat sequence of human Sfi 1 2K2I P41208 LEU651, LEU655, TRP658
Scherffelia dubia centrin in complex with smMLCK peptide 3KF9 Q06827 TRP4, PHE8, VAL11
2.60 Å
Human BCL-XL in complex with BAK peptide 1BXL* Q07817 VAL574, LEU578, ILE581
Human E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase MDM2 in complex with p53 tumor transactivation domain (fragment 17-125) 1YCR* Q00987 PHE19, TRP23, LEU26
2.60 Å
Rabbit cardiac troponin C in complex with a fragment (residues 1-47) of cardiac troponin I 1A2X P02586 LEU17, MET21, ILE24
  2.30 Å   
  1. *known to be disrupted by terphenyl or its derivatives.