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Table 1 Parameter estimates of the final anakinra population pharmacokinetic model in 87 pediatric patients

From: Anakinra pharmacokinetics in children and adolescents with systemic-onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis and autoinflammatory syndromes

Parameter Estimate Relative standard error (%)
CL/F (L h-1 70 kg-1) 6.24 8
βCL, TV(CL)∙(BW/70)βCL 0.47 14
V/F (L) 65.2 12
βV, TV(V)∙(BW/70)βV 0.76 16
Ka (h-1) 0.38 19
ηCL/F 0.28 15
γV/F 0.47 17
ϵ, mg/L 0.072 10
  1. Key: CL/F, apparent elimination clearance; V/F, apparent volume of distribution; Ka, absorption rate constant; F, unknown bioavailability; TV(), typical value for the mean covariate value; β, covariate effect parameter; η, between-subject variability; γ, between occasion variability; ϵ, constant residual variability; BW, bodyweight (CL/F and V/F estimates are normalized to a 70 kg BW).