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Table 2 Prediction of skin sensitization potential for 6 FDA approved drugs that have side effect of allergic dermatitis reported in MetaADEDB database

From: Modeling skin sensitization potential of mechanistically hard-to-be-classified aniline and phenol compounds with quantum mechanistic properties

  DrugBank ID Name P Predictiona MetaADEDBb
1 DB00279 Liothyronine -0.001 N Y
2 DB01407 Clenbuterol 0.589 Y Y
3 DB00250 Dapsone 0.700 Y Y
4 DB00295 Morphine 0.580 Y Y
5 DB00327 Hydromorphone 0.595 Y Y
6 DB00481 Raloxifene 0.977 Y Y
  1. aA drug is predicted as an sensitizer if its P value is greater than 0.50; Otherwise, as a non-sensitizer. bCompounds having the keywords “allergic dermatitis” in their side effect reports in the MetaADEDB database are indicated as sensitizers. Y: Sensitizer; N: Non-sensitizer.