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Table 2 Pharmacokinetic variables of 10 mg of iv melatonin

From: Pharmacokinetics of oral and intravenous melatonin in healthy volunteers

C max pg ml-1 t 1/2 elimination min V d l kg-1 CL l min-1 kg-1 R2 AUC 0-∞ IV pg ml-1 min
389,875.0 (174,775.0–440,362.5) 39.4 (3.6) 1.2 (0.6) 0.0218 (0.0102) 0.96 (0.93–0.97) 14,179,767.6 (7,063,347.4–18,964,804.0)
  1. Maximal concentration, coefficient of determination and area-under-the-curve data are presented as median (IQR). Elimination half-life, volume of distribution and clearance data are presented as mean (SD)
  2. Maximal plasma concentration, C max; elimination half-life, t 1/2 elimination; volume of distribution, V d; clearance, CL; coefficient of determination, R2; area-under-the-curve, AUC