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Fig. 1

From: Nuclear factor erythroid 2 – related factor 2 and its relationship with cellular response in nickel exposure: a systems biology analysis

Fig. 1

The protein-protein interacting network of Ni3S2, NiCO4, NiSO4, and NiCl2 with Homo sapiens proteins involved in the Nrf2-mediated response to nickel exposure. a The main network showing the NCC (black nodes) with 188 nodes and 915 edges (connections). HBs are represented by white nodes. Nrf2 appears as a round rectangle in white. b Cluster 1 composed of 114 nodes; 732 edges and associated to NiSO4. c Cluster 2 composed of 113 nodes; 387 edges and associated to NiSO4 and Ni3S2. d Cluster 3 composed of 55 nodes; 129 edges and associated to Ni3S2. e Cluster 5 composed of 18 nodes; 29 edges and no association with any NCC

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